'Bob Willoughby: AUDREY' by Douglas So

by Bob Willoughby
HK$ 800

2019 marks the 90th anniversary of Audrey Hepburn’s birth and the 10th anniversary of the passing of renowned photographer Bob Willoughby. 

This book is published in conjunction to the exhibition ‘Audrey by Bob Willoughby’, showing 90 photographs to cover the 1950s and '60s period when Audrey was at the peak of her fame. The photographs include stills from Audrey’s best-known movies, among them rare candid shots captured behind the screen which highlight her different roles as actress, style icon and mother.

  • cover: softcover
  • Language: english
  • Pages: 168
  • Parameters: 269 x 220 mm
  • Year: 2019
  • Design: Oojah
  • ISBN: 978-988-78534-1-1
  • Publisher: F11 Limited