Parisian Passages by Jean-Baptiste Millot

21 May–31 July, 2024

press release

f22 foto space is excited to present PARISIAN PASSAGES by Jean-Baptiste Millot, an exquisite photography exhibition featuring the enchanting glass-covered shopping arcades that made their debut in the 19th century Paris. These passages weaved their way gracefully through the bustling city, leaving a lasting imprint on its culture, heritage, art and architecture.
Millot captures the impressionistic beauty and timeless allure of these covered walkways, with the interplay of light and mirrors. Through his lens, he immortalises the sensual charm and serene tranquility within these hidden gems. This series is an homage to the architectural marvel that first captivated Paris, before taking the rest of Europe by storm.
The architecture of the Parisian passages effortlessly showcases a blend of neoclassical, Art Nouveau, and Belle Époque styles, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication of its time. Each passage boasts distinctive architectural traits, showcasing the craftsmanship and meticulousness of the era. Enveloped in covered walkways, adorned with mosaic floors, and bathed in enchanting light, the Parisian passages offer a glimpse into history. Their ornate decorations, rich historical significance, eclectic array of shops, and architectural diversity create a charming atmosphere not to be missed.
Viewers are invited to experience the emotional journey offered by Millot's evocative imagery. Join us at f22 foto space as we dive into the fascinating history and surreal world of the Parisian Passages.