‘Gold Painted Signs’ by Simon Go

by Simon Go
HK$ 300

Hong Kong Old Shops is a photography project that has spanned 13 years, and in this time, Simon, the photographer, has come to know over 300 traditional shops from every industry. There were ancient brands passed down through generations, one-person operations, husband-and-wife teams, brothers in arms, and family businesses, sometimes run on wheels. Each has lived through its own experiences with a story to tell, on an emotional rollercoaster tracking an epoch of life in the city.

This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Simon Go, Gold Painted Signs’, showing 60 photographs from the Hong Kong Old Shop series (2004-2017).

  • cover: softcover
  • Language: chinese and english
  • Pages: 148
  • Parameters: 265 x 220 mm
  • Year: 2017
  • Design: Oojah
  • ISBN: 978-988-78582-0-1
  • Publisher: F22 Limited